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About the Course

Intensive and comprehensive, our course covers everything you need to know to get into medical school.

medical equipment, which can may be used for interview practice course

Getting into medical school is a tough process.

Our team, consisting of doctors and medical students, experienced in interviewing, will walk you through the entire process.

Over the course of the 1 day you will spend with us, we will cover a variety of important topics with regard to the application process. These allow you to make a stronger case for your selection when applying - these include:

  • Common questions and scenarios
  • Recognising question types and structuring answers
  • Approaching Medical Ethics
  • Hot Topics and Current Issues

"The course leaders were extremely encouraging and made the environment comfortable for us to make mistakes that we could learn from. " - Aimee

"Aimee was brimming with praise and enthusiasm after the course. Aimee clearly gained a lot and enjoyed the experience!" - Aimee's Mum

"Really good for detailed explanations and feedback, as well as answering loads of questions." - Vahgisha

Is this course for me?

Our aim is to help the candidates maximise their chance of success by guiding them through each step of the application process and using our wealth of combined experience and knowledge to offer specific personal guidance.

Our main goal is to enable you to have a strong application to help you get to the interview stage, and thereafter have the confidence in yourself, answering questions honestly, and in a way that addresses what the interviewers are looking for.

We also offer specific guidance for international, graduate, and gap year applicants, well as university specific preparation.

What do we teach?

  • Interview Skills

    How to give the best performance at interviews through being able to recognise the intention behind each question, which category it falls into, and knowing which structures to use to shape your answer into an outstanding one.

  • The Interview Day

    How to plan for the day. Useful and practical tips to ensure the best start to your interview day, as well as how to succeed during the interview.

  • General Interview Questions

    It is impractical to attempt to cover every iteration of every interview question you could face; we have simplified your preparation into key categories of questions, with effective and proven methods for dealing with each one.

    The purpose of this is to help you form the best version of your answers, and give them to the interviewers.

  • Specific MMI and Panel interview sessions
    • Specific guidance for each type of station, including role play techniques in common scenarios, a structured approach to data analysis, how to stand out in group tasks, and how to approach more obscure/unexpected stations
    • Individual practise and feedback opportunities (in this section and throughout the course)
    • University specific interview guidance
    • Guidance and practise for personal statement based questions

  • Medical Ethics

    How to best approach difficult ethical questions. They can be daunting to many candidates as they commonly do not have clear or correct answers. Confident answers to ethical questions stem from knowledge about the different approaches to ethics, considering multiple viewpoints, and having a justifying your opinions. We provide examples and structure to your approach, and give you the necessary tools (such as knowledge of the law or healthcare protocols) to defend your answers.

  • Oxbridge (Oxford and Cambridge) Admissions

    Oxbridge interviews significantly differ from most other Medical Schools, so we provide a targeted session explaining the process and immersing candidates in this specific interview style.


We stimulate and facilitate active learning to:

Prepare you for both Panel interviews and Mini Multi Interviews (MMI).

Help you to develop the critical thinking that Medical Schools look for.

Respond to a broad range of questions and challenges in systematic way to provide consistent success.

We prepare you to answer questions about your personal experiences and motivations to study Medicine, ethical dilemmas, and current hot topics.

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Why choose us?

Here's why we think you should be choosing us.

Highly Efficient

Our tutors are experienced in preparing candidates for success at interviews and are interviewers themselves. This gives them a clear understanding of what is required, and allows all the important topics and techniques to be condensed into this one day course.

Amazing tutors

Our course is uniquely taught through the combined focus of senior medical professionals with interviewing experience and adept medical students. This means candidates receive the clearest insight from both sides of the table, and effective guidance proven to succeed.

Individual Feedback

We provide individualised guidance on personal statements, work experiences, and application criteria. This reflects how our interview preparation is personalised to individual circumstances and allows candidates to prepare for questions they may specifically face.

We provide reference material

In addition to the day of teaching, we also provide each attendee with a copy of our book, the SARP Medical Entrance Guide, by Oxford Medical (RRP £24.99). This provides useful tools to aide in preparation during the course all the way through to the interview day itself.

Plenty of other amazing features:
  • Consideration of extracurricular and supercurricular activities, and how they are fundamental to a successfully interview performance
  • Development of the mental and physical performance
  • Live and video demonstrations of average vs outstanding answers
  • Cost effective: low numbers of candidates with multiple tutors
  • Lunch provided + tea/coffee service
medical textbook

Our Team

The number of tutors will depend upon the total number of delegates to enable interactive learning throughout the day and provide enough opportunities for you to practice your interview technique, ask questions, develop your ideas and get a constructive feedback for further development.

Senior NHS Consultants

Research and
Academic Leads


Medical School


"I think that the structures given are really useful and were something I hadn't come across." - Nina

"Small groups allowed plenty of 1-on-1 time for maximum benefit." - Sophie

"The course leaders always tried to interact and ask you questions about yourself."


Book your place and receive a copy of our SARP Medical School Entrance Guide.

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We are dedicated to ensuring you have the best possible chance of receiving a medical school offer. Do contact us if you have any questions.



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